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You can also contribute by making a paid request, this way you get to choose a game I’ll be covering, including all it’s ports. Depending if the game fits the purpose of this project, I will take your request and try to work on it ASAP. Here are the “tariffs”:

1 game: 10€
3 games: 20€
5 games: 30€
7 games: 40€

1 game = 1 total hour of musical content, and by that I mean the cumulative duration that all the game’s ports take. So if a game has 5 ports, each having music that takes about 12 minutes each, I consider that to be 1 game. If another requested game has 10 ports, each having roughly 30 minutes, that’s considered 5 games.
You can also request individual ports of some games, if you don’t want the whole package. It’s 5€ per port that doesn’t have more than one hour musical content. 10€ for those that pass that mark.
Keep in mind that I won’t post incomplete soundtracks, instead I’ll send the indidual port to you, and then post the game’s soundtrack when I’ve done the rest of the ports.

You can “pay” by donating through PayPay (sorry, can’t accept coins for this as I won’t know who you are), after which I’ll contact you to let you know when I’m going to finish your request.