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So, you’d like to help us? Well isn’t that jolly nice of you! 😀
What can you help us with, you ask? Well, where could I start. Let me list what you can contribute with:

Donations – A standard way to contribute to a non-profit project like this one. Any sum will do, so you don’t have to scout for every last penny you own, you silly 😛 . Donations can be made here, plus more information on donations and what I plan to invest in.

Make a request – Sometimes it’s really hard to decide on what game to work on next. You can help with this by bringing up a game you want the soundtrack of, and offer a donation for completing the request. Here how you can do it and the list of “tarrifs”.

Webspace – If you own a server/VPS/web space, or know somebody who does, and can spare a bit of extra bandwidth/traffic, you could help us immensely! I’m hosting the site ATM on a free hosting service, with a .tk domain. While this is good enoug for now, later we might run into problems, like downtime and even removal (trust me, happened me a few times before with my other projects 🙁 ).

Host/keep a back-up of the audio content – Hard disks can fail at any time, but I wouldn’t want to lose anything I worked on if it were to happen to me. So that’s why it would be ideal if I could have a back-up of the audio content, and perhaps it to be made available for others to download if you can host it on your own webserver 🙂

Keep an eye on content – Check the site for typos, check the uploaded content for mistakes (either tagging, or audio mistakes, missing tracks, etc.).

Report dead links – We have all the audio content hosted on MediaFire/, and you know that accidents happen or the files might be deleted for no reason. Would be helpful if you find a missing link to report it!

Hoot Drivers/players/files – I need an expert in Hoot (a game/chiptune player) who could create game drivers for it. This eases my work with recording.

Write in a suggestion, or maybe two! – Some feedback is always welcome. If you have a brilliant idea, why not let me know of it? Credits included of course!

Design a theme – I’m currently using a theme freely available in WordPress, but I’d like the project to have a new look, the originality alone would benefit this site alot. And what could be nicer than a juicy and colourful pixel theme to match the site’s content? 🙂
I unfortunately lack any site building skills, but if you have the taste, an interesting idea, and knowledgeable in the field, why not give it a try? 🙂

Anything else is welcome – It’s impossible to list the things that you can contribute with, but you can also come up with something of your own. Who knows, it might turn out being helpful! You could also send your regards, or leave a comment on what impressions this site/project/music gave you, I’ll be all ears 😀

To apply for any of the above, please use the Reddit Community

Thank you for having interest in helping me, and for your time reading this!