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So in the past month I’ve mostly been doing maintenance work on all the sets, updated the tagging to the new format I’ve been using and also fixed some sets that either had missing tracks or they had some acoustic problems. Here are the games in question that I updated, so make sure to re-download them in the case you got them in the past:

Lemmings – All sets (tagging), “Opening Theme” was renamed to “Opening – March of the Mods” since somebody let me know of the original composition’s name.
The Incredible Machine – All sets (tags), fixed weird looping on MT-32
Puyo Puyo – All sets (tagging), Arcade set was missing some tracks so I recorded everything again.
Grand Prix Circuit – All sets (tagging)
Cycles: International Grand Prix Challenge – All sets (tagging), Will have to find a way to access the Tandy music and add that set.
F-Zero (tagging)
Hyperzone (tagging)
Twinbee – All sets (tagging)
Cannon Fodder – All sets (tagging)
LSL1EGA, LSL1VGA, LSL2, LSL3, LSL5, LSL6 – All sets (tagging)
Sid And Al’s Incredible Toons – All sets (tagging)
Gradius – All sets (tagging)
The Incredible Machine 2 – All (tagging)
Lemmings 2 – All sets (tagging)
Raptor: Call of The Shadows – All sets (tagging)
Transport Tycoon Deluxe – All sets (tagging), GeneralMIDI – Recorded MIDI data from the DOS version of the game instead of Windows
SimCity 2000 – All sets (tagging)
Gradius II – All sets (tagging)
Willy Beamish – MT-32 – tagging fix on two tracks, fix “Glassy Class” fade out

Also since the MT-32 sets of LSL1VGA, LSL5 and LSL6 have some artefacts through them from the preceding songs in some tracks (because of the heavy reverb) I decided to record them again from the extracted music files from the game and tone down the reverb so there would be a “cleaner” sound to them. I hope to finish this by christmas, so look forward to it! =D
I’ll announce when I’m done in the next release, but you can try to download the links in the meantime, as I’ll add them gradually.

I also might consider updating the AdLib sets from OPL2 to OPL3 later on, but I’ll have to think about it.