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Game Release Date: 1995
Composers: BA.M, Tsuyoshi Matsushima

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 15
Channels: Mono
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 48000Hz


So here I am with another release, probably quicker than you expected =D
I decided to take this game since it brings me quite some nostalgia during this time of the year (I have this thing where I play some games on certain seasons). I remember this game being very difficult to get the hang of, also for it’s very steep learning curve, but nonetheless very enjoyable =)

Also I chose it because it seemed easy to do, and also tikalat was nice enough to provide me with a tool to play all the tunes in the IBM-PC ports ^^
But in the end it turned out the exact opposite, as it was quite difficult to deal with. The reason for that is that it has a lot of obscure japanese variations that are all related to it. They took some time to manipulate, tag and organise, but despite that I’m still missing the FM Towns and PC-98 sets, which is a bummer =(
But anyway, enough with the talk, let’s get down to business!

List of Ports and Downloads

After a busy week I managed to finish yet another puzzle game. This is sort of a pseudo-sequel to TIM, changing the theme of the game into a children’s cartoon-like, updating the graphics and changing some puzzle elements. The soundtrack of this beauty is very underrated, and while this might not be the case for you too, it brings quite a lot of nostalgic feelings to me =3

List of Ports and Downloads

Sorry for the slight delay, I was hoping things would go smoothly but due to some real-life problems I was unable to deliver this release (of massive proportions *phew* )
But anyway, here you go, the complete Leisure Suit Larry music collection! Please note that some systems are missing due to the fact I couldn’t import save states in ports of the games outside IBM-PC, and I really don’t have the time to play the games fully on every sistem they were released, sheesh!

Leisure Suit Larry 1: In The Land of The Lounge Lizards EGA

Leisure Suit Larry 1: In The Land of The Lounge Lizards VGA Remake

Leisure Suit Larry 2: Goes Looking For Love… In Several Wrong Places

Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patty In The Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals

Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patty Goes a Little Undercover

Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up Or Slip Out

EDIT: There have been problems fit a few corrupted files, I fixed them and updated the links, so please re-download ^^;

An unusual shooting game that happens to be my second one to play. Has a quirky soundtrack, but fun as hell to listen.

List of Ports and Downloads

Like the previous game from Accolade, very short. Has a couple of ports though. Business as usual with Kris Hatlelid.

List of Ports and Downloads

Very nicely composed music, one of Nintendo’s classics. The music is befitted for a very fast-paced racing game.

Composer: Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida
Game Release Date: 21 Nov 1990
Multiple ports: No

Format: FLAC
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Tracks: 14 + 3 SFX
Channels: Stereo


Short but fun one, Kris Hatlelid really knows how to compose racing music! Get a load of this.

List of Ports and Downloads

Another long one just like Lemmings, but this took me a bit less time due to the lower amount of tracks per port. Lovely puzzle game and an even more lovely soundtrack!

List of Ports and Downloads

This was real fun to make and a real breeze to record. The music has a “fresh” electro feeling to it, going from one genre to another. You’ll have no dull moments with this one, I tell you.

List of Ports and Downloads