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So what I omitted saying last time is that while I couldn’t work on any new game here on VengefulChip I was uploading stuff to CVGM. The reason why I didn’t say is because I wasn’t yet done, so now that I am, I decided to make an update post, yay! 😀

CVGM is an internet-based radio that streams classic game/cracktro/demoscene music, especially chiptunes but also music from more modern games, including contemporary titles. It has a very fun community , large database of music, and you can do requests, so that your selected songs would play on the radio.
I would really recommend you to give it a try 🙂

Also, expect another game soundtrack at the beginning of the following week!

I was thinking that you guys might like some soundtracks posted here on this site and I said to myself, why not! And since a few days ago I had the TK registrars blocking my site briefly I said I’d better do something before this site I worked on goes down the drain. To give you more motivation to donate, I’m going to do requests. For each 5€ you donate I’ll take one request(doesn’t matter how many ports the game has).

The request must have at least a few ports with chiptunes (CDDA or digital audio games-only is a no-no, can be a lonewolf though), you must use the contact form and specify your name/e-mail address that’s present on the donation receipt.

You can go to the donation page here.

With the requests, I’ll strive to do a quality job just like with the regular postings I make here on the site, and if you’ll ever be dissapointed for what you paid, I’ll try my best to rectify (again like with the regular postings).