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Hello there chiptune enthusiasts! Terribly sorry for the lack of anything new for the past 5 months. Been terribly busy, but I’ve also silently worked on VengefulChip, improving some stuff, all of which I’ll let you know of at the end of this post!
So since so much time has passed since the last “release”, I decided to record two different games for this occasion =D
In the case you don’t like sudden huge incoming chiptunes, remember: you can take it easily, one track at a time! j/k =P
But one thing’s clear: we’ve really got to stop meeting like this!

Anyway, onwards to the first game:

A fun little game, and is worthy of it’s franchise, all too bad that it was discontinued by Konami!
The soundtrack in it has a really light and nostalgic feel to it (I guess you’re starting to see a pattern here =P), but it’s noticeable that the Konami sound crew (or Konami Kukeiha Club) did take some inspiration from the earlier work they’ve done on the Gradius series.

List of Ports and Downloads

Not a very well-known game, perhaps it’s better known among the german audience, but it’s a gem nonetheless and I’m glad I had the opportunity to play it. Packs in quite a lot of humour, but don’t let that fool you, as it’s quite a fierce simulation game.
The soundtrack for it is very creative and interesting, and fits in quite nicely the humorous atmosphere of the game =D
I’d really recommend it to anyone who likes strategy/simulation games. Just make sure to avoid the IBM-PC MS-DOS version as it crashes at random times and has a few bugs. Too bad as it’s the version that has the best music, at least in my opinion!

List of Ports and Downloads

And now onto the updates:

I posted some of Grospixels’ albums on the VengefulChip YouTube channel (with their permission). Grospixels is a french web magazine for oldskool games, and they have made some very nice remixes of music from various old games, make sure you check them out!

From now on I’ll also post update videos on the YouTube channel from time to time. Thought it might be useful for the viewers on YT, as many of them probably don’t come on this site (they’re probably too lazy! =P)

I also re-done the MT-32 soundtracks of LSL2 and LSL3, this time through extracting the game music data, like with the rest of the games in the series. I’ve also posted the updated versions of the MT-32 soundtracks on YouTube for LSL1VGA through LSL6.

I’ve noticed that “Keep Tryin'” track from the TIM2 Macintosh II soundtrack was cut off for some strange reason, so now I fixed it and updated the archive, so make sure you re-download it, in case you’ve got it in the past.

Another fix was done to the X68000 port of Twinbee, this time I recorded the soundtrack from a better emulator, the old one had some timing issues and was less accurate. I also managed to add two more tracks, which I couldn’t capture last time due to time constraints causing me to not go far in the game.

And finally, I posted the Amiga soundtrack of Cannon Fodder, I know a lot of you asked me for it on my YouTube channel. I had some problems with this game under DeliPlayer, but now I solved it, so there you go! =D

That’s about it. Phew!

Game Release Date: 1991
Composers: Jochen Hess, Norbert Schmidt

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 22
Channels: Mono
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 49716Hz


Game Release Date: 1991
Composer: Rudolf Stember

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 21
Channels: Stereo
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 48000Hz