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This might be of quite an interest to the Acorn Archimedes fans out there, as I’ve added the previously missing ports of Lemmings 2: The Tribes and Cannon Fodder of that machine, so enjoy it!
As last time, Stefan L. was generous enough to offer and record those two as well. =D
Seems so far he’s the only contributor for this project aside me. If you want to help, you’re more than welcome to, and you know where you can find all the details =)

I’m also working on quite a long game (+110 tracks per set, that’s a record breaker!), so be patient with me until I get it to completion ^^

Lemmings 2: The Tribes Archimedes
Cannon Fodder Archimedes

I’ve also updated two sets. The first set is Lemmings for the Archimedes, it had a missing track in it’s expansion game, and this one was also provided by Stefan, thanks again! The second one is the GeneralMIDI soundtrack of The Incredible Machine 2. A user on YouTube notified me of this set not sounding right, having the wrong pitch bend set to the tracks, so I fixed the problem.
Make sure you check those out in the case you downloaded them before =)

Game Release Date: 1994
Composers: John Hare, Richard Joseph

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 6
Channels: Stereo
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 48000Hz

[Provided by Stefan L]

Never been so much fun!
Never been so much fuuuun!
Never been so much fun!
Never been so much fuuuun!

Go to your brother
Kill him with your gun
Leave him in his uniform
Dying in the sun”

Remember the lyrics? No? Then it must mean you never owned/tried an Amiga 😀

A lovely shooting game made by a team of whacks, what more reasons you you need to love it? Too bad for it’s very short soundtrack, perhaps another reason to concentrate on the game 😀

List of Ports and Downloads

Very nicely composed music, one of Nintendo’s classics. The music is befitted for a very fast-paced racing game.

Composer: Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida
Game Release Date: 21 Nov 1990
Multiple ports: No

Format: FLAC
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Tracks: 14 + 3 SFX
Channels: Stereo


Another long one just like Lemmings, but this took me a bit less time due to the lower amount of tracks per port. Lovely puzzle game and an even more lovely soundtrack!

List of Ports and Downloads

So, I’ve started this project in the hope of gathering as many complete game soundtracks (chiptunes generally) with as many ports of the games in an easy-to-play lossless format. I started this because of the difficulty of playing multiple formats of game music (spc, gbs, nsf, vgm, hoot, to name a few),  also some games have no soundtrack readily available, making it impossible to play the music outside the game.

Hope you find this site useful, enjoy the recordings and have a good time going down the memory lane 🙂

Also I would appreciate any sort of donation you would give us, or if you could help me in any way you can (read this please ^^).