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So what I omitted saying last time is that while I couldn’t work on any new game here on VengefulChip I was uploading stuff to CVGM. The reason why I didn’t say is because I wasn’t yet done, so now that I am, I decided to make an update post, yay! 😀

CVGM is an internet-based radio that streams classic game/cracktro/demoscene music, especially chiptunes but also music from more modern games, including contemporary titles. It has a very fun community , large database of music, and you can do requests, so that your selected songs would play on the radio.
I would really recommend you to give it a try 🙂

Also, expect another game soundtrack at the beginning of the following week!

Game Release Date: 1994
Composers: Matt Furniss

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 6
Channels: Stereo
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 44100Hz

Recording provided by Stefan L.

So since I’m back on track now I decided to take care of a package that was sent in by Stefan L. from CVGM, containing chiptunes from the Acorn Archimedes port of Lemmings. It was one of the ports I couldn’t record through emulation, so he was kind enough to dedicate some of his free time and send me his recordings from real hardware. How awesome is that!

This marks as our first release to have been recorded on real hardware. So if you enjoyed this, and are a member of CVGM or EAB, make sure to send him a PM with your gratitude ^w^
Also notice that there are some tracks that I and Stefan didn’t know the names of, so if you happen to know, please contact me!