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Composer: Iku Mizutani
Game Release Date: 1991

Format: FLAC
Tracks: 15
Bit Depth: 16bit
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Channels: Mono


Today you’re in luck, I have decided to make another double-release, as I felt that one of the games had quite a short soundtrack, namely the first one below:

I’ll have to be honest with you guys, playing this game after so long it feels like the game itself is half-baked, made in a rush to gear in for the profits. Perhaps it’s just because the game is aimed at kids, and is educational in purpose? I don’t know, but the game is so random… you basically have nothing predictable as in other management or sim games, your chance of making your business last depends pretty much on your luck. Even the soundtrack feels half-baked, doesn’t have any interesting melodies, nor does it use any interesting combinations of instruments, but I decided to give this game a chance anyway, as the music itself still has some use in bringing some nostalgic feelings 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

A rather obscure NES platformer that I consider to have some awesome music! 😀
I remember playing this game alot as a kid, during the time I only had a NES as a console, the other being a 386DX-powered PC. I remember always losing on the 2nd stage due to my clumsiness, but after getting to record this game, I think I’ll try to finally beat the game itself this time sometime soon.
Today while working on this I also learnt that the original japanese version was made after an tokusatsu show.


Also, don’t forget that I still can do requests, consult the requests page for details 🙂