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Tag Archives: 迫田 敏明

Here I am again with a japanese-only game. Most of this game’s ports were made in japan and very little was invested for the western market, so I don’t expect many of you to know this title, much like it’s prequel. Luckly there is a fan-made translation for this gem on the SNES.
It’s a fun puzzle game, and yet again brings nostalgic feelings to me of wasting my summer days playing the game’s “championships” and laughing at the cutscenes =D

Besides this I also added a GameGear set and fixed the SNES set for this game’s prequel.

List of Ports and Downloads

Game Release Date: 1994
Composers: Tsuyoshi Matsushima, Masanobu Tsukamoto, Toshiaki Sakoda, Einosuke Nagao

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 15
Channels: Stereo
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 48000Hz