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Here we go again with another game. As I mentioned previously (or rather a few weeks ago) here, this is going to be a request I’m going to do for Daniel T. who is the first person to donate anything to this project 😀

This is one of those games that go by multiple names, scattered across all regions, so to avoid any confusion I’m going to refer to this game by it’s most often used name (also it’s the original japanese name of the arcade game, after which all the other ports were made).

It’s quite a fun and cute (not to mention nonsensical!) puzzle/platformer game that I vaguely remember playing as a little kid on the SNES (though it was the sequel of this one, although I find the prequel much better). The musical score is overall excellent (as you’d come to expect from japanese composers) and I have enjoyed every second of listening to it while recording.
What I really enjoy about these sorts of the games is that it makes the player travel through quite a few landmarks around the globe, and for a geography freak like myself I really enjoy being able to see all the neat little backgrounds and as a kid I would enjoy learning about new places.

Unfortunately I could not work on two ports of the game, namely the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum ones, as they don’t have any option to disable the sound effects, and they perpetually ring throughout the game (and I can’t pause the game either, to be able to hear only the background music). Fortunately at least the CPC version sounds similar to the Atari ST one, so you won’t miss much. If in the future I find a way of properly recording from those platforms, I promise I’ll add those sets as well.
Also for some reason, my recordings from the Arcade version of the game seem to be at a slightly higher tempo than what I’ve heard it some longplay videos (I always watch those when I record a set to make sure I’ve properly tagged the songs in order of appearance in the game), and I’m not sure if it’s an emulation issue or that’s supposed to sound like, so please let me know which way it’s supposed to sound, and maybe even provide some recordings if you’re able. 🙂
So now that I’ve done the talking, here you go:

List of Ports and Downloads

Enjoy! 😀

Game Release Date: 1989
Composer: Tamayo Kawamoto

Codec: FLAC
Tracks: 19
Channels: Mono
Bit Depth: 16bit
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz