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Hello, long time no see!
Sorry to disappoint by not bringing any new soundtracks. I just wanted to make this update in regards to the recent (2 weeks ago, actually) closure of the MEGA account on which all the soundtracks are stored and linked on this site. The reason for suspending my account was due to repeated copyright infringement claims done by certain people. You might have noticed that on some games, I had to remove the decryption key from the link, in order to avoid this from happening again. Unfortunately, in this case, those that want to download the soundtracks in question, have to contact me in order to obtain the decryption keys.
You might think that this is a bit of an antisocial move of me, considering that those people are not happy having (supposedly) their soundtracks freely available here, but as I stated numerous times on this site, those that want to have their copyrighted work removed from the site/YouTube channel, they can contact me, and I’ll happily oblige.
IMO, it’s more antisocial of them to file DMCA complaints for the soundtracks, ruining things for everyone (by filling complaints, and MEGA taking down the account with all the rest of the soundtracks), instead of contacting me directly. I can be contacted over my YouTube account by PM, also by PM on reddit. I’ll try to think of a better contact system in the future.

I’ve since then re-uploaded all the soundtracks, and updated the links on the site, so hopefully everything should be working as expected. If not, feel free to contact me, and I’ll try my best to fix the issue(s).