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So this time it’s Loom that I chose to post, so hopefully your wait was worth it (more than one month, ugh!)
I have vague memories of this game from when I played The Secret of Monkey Island, there was Cob, one of the characters in Loom advertising for the game, but I never really got interested in playing it until two years ago. The game has some arranged scores by Tchaikovski (all from Swan Lake), and while I’m not a fan of his works (I’m more of a Bach/Liszt/Debussy fan in terms of classical music), it’s still fun to listen to all the different interpretations done by each platform 😀
There were two duped plaforms that I didn’t include, namely Atari ST (sounded exactly like the Tandy version) and FM Towns (all of it’s tracks were already available in the PC-Engine version, and the latter had some extras, so I chose to post that version instead)

List of Ports and Downloads