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I’m terribly sorry for the long delay, RL issues and being busy most of the time made me unable to work on this project for the last three months. But there has been some progress since then.
The first big update is that I started a YouTube Channel where I strived to upload all the releases on this site so more people could hear them in a more comfortable way (for some =D ).
So you can go ahead and subscribe if you want, as an alternative to the e-mail based subscription. But keep in mind that I’ll post new releases on the site first ^^

But that’s not all, while uploading the videos I spotted a few mistakes in the previous sets I uploaded, so I fixed them (at least those that I know that have problems, you can always contact me if you find any quirks and I would greatly appreciate it and fix the problem ASAP)

The fixes I’ve done are as follows:

The (Even More) Incredible Machine – AdLib – Fixed Tagging, stuttering and editing errors and two tracks being 44100Hz instead of 48000Hz.
The (Even More) Incredible Machine – GeneralMIDI – Fixed Tagging and editing errors.
LSL5 – AdLib – Fixed a few tracks after noticing stuttering and some editing errors.
The Incredible Machine 2 – CM-64 – Some tracks were having missing instruments due to driver issues (the driver masterfully fixed by tikalat, hoping the weird sound instruments will get fixed as well in the future)
Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) – MT-32 – Fixed stuttering in the second track.

So if you have downloaded any of those in the past, make sure to replace them with the fixed versions =D

Also expect some more releases soon. I have quite a few titles I wanted to do on my list =)