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Ended up posting this the following week, ugh. Took quite a long time recording this, especially since I’ve tried to get it to work with Gravis UltraSound as a sound option in the IBM-PC version of the game, but for some reasons the game kept playing it out of tempo, it getting really annoying after a while.
Besides the Gravis UltraSound that I could not include this time, I also had to leave out the Macintosh version since I could not get the emulator to play the midi files properly, the PC-98 version is missing because I could not get the disk(s) for the game (I wonder if anyone at all has them!) and also the MegaDrive/32X port does not have a music player and it’s impossible to record songs in-game on certain levels. Maybe if I can fix any of the above issues, I’ll be adding those ports as well.
So anyway, when I was younger I used to play a lot of FPS games, but after a while I grew out of it and started focusing on other genres, as things got boring and repetitive quickly. The soundtrack in itself now mostly brings me nostalgic feelings, and probably what got me into liking metal as a teenager 😀
Speaking of which, here’s an excellent cover of one of the songs in the game:
But before listening to the cover, why not listen to the originals? 😀

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