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Category Archives: Updates

So since I’m back on track now I decided to take care of a package that was sent in by Stefan L. from CVGM, containing chiptunes from the Acorn Archimedes port of Lemmings. It was one of the ports I couldn’t record through emulation, so he was kind enough to dedicate some of his free time and send me his recordings from real hardware. How awesome is that!

This marks as our first release to have been recorded on real hardware. So if you enjoyed this, and are a member of CVGM or EAB, make sure to send him a PM with your gratitude ^w^
Also notice that there are some tracks that I and Stefan didn’t know the names of, so if you happen to know, please contact me!

So, I’ve officially got off the hiatus now and am ready to start posting new stuff! Took a bit longer than expected, but don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded in a few days with a chiptune collection from the LSL series! In case you don’t know what that is, it’s Leisure Suit Larry a classic point-and-click adventure game that came out around the 80’s and 90’s from Sierra’s in-house maniacs. =D
If you played the series, you’re bound to take a walk down the memory lane.

Also, for those who are interested and haven’t heard yet, Al Lowe, the creator of the LSL series will be re-making the first game in the series, to bring it up for modern PCs, tablets, phones and consoles and will feature HD images, updated music (hopefully they’ll remix the old tunes) and maybe they’ll even add more puzzles and more features to the game! You can read more here.

I was thinking that you guys might like some soundtracks posted here on this site and I said to myself, why not! And since a few days ago I had the TK registrars blocking my site briefly I said I’d better do something before this site I worked on goes down the drain. To give you more motivation to donate, I’m going to do requests. For each 5€ you donate I’ll take one request(doesn’t matter how many ports the game has).

The request must have at least a few ports with chiptunes (CDDA or digital audio games-only is a no-no, can be a lonewolf though), you must use the contact form and specify your name/e-mail address that’s present on the donation receipt.

You can go to the donation page here.

With the requests, I’ll strive to do a quality job just like with the regular postings I make here on the site, and if you’ll ever be dissapointed for what you paid, I’ll try my best to rectify (again like with the regular postings).

So, I’ve started this project in the hope of gathering as many complete game soundtracks (chiptunes generally) with as many ports of the games in an easy-to-play lossless format. I started this because of the difficulty of playing multiple formats of game music (spc, gbs, nsf, vgm, hoot, to name a few),  also some games have no soundtrack readily available, making it impossible to play the music outside the game.

Hope you find this site useful, enjoy the recordings and have a good time going down the memory lane 🙂

Also I would appreciate any sort of donation you would give us, or if you could help me in any way you can (read this please ^^).