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Hello, long time no see!
Sorry to disappoint by not bringing any new soundtracks. I just wanted to make this update in regards to the recent (2 weeks ago, actually) closure of the MEGA account on which all the soundtracks are stored and linked on this site. The reason for suspending my account was due to repeated copyright infringement claims done by certain people. You might have noticed that on some games, I had to remove the decryption key from the link, in order to avoid this from happening again. Unfortunately, in this case, those that want to download the soundtracks in question, have to contact me in order to obtain the decryption keys.
You might think that this is a bit of an antisocial move of me, considering that those people are not happy having (supposedly) their soundtracks freely available here, but as I stated numerous times on this site, those that want to have their copyrighted work removed from the site/YouTube channel, they can contact me, and I’ll happily oblige.
IMO, it’s more antisocial of them to file DMCA complaints for the soundtracks, ruining things for everyone (by filling complaints, and MEGA taking down the account with all the rest of the soundtracks), instead of contacting me directly. I can be contacted over my YouTube account by PM, also by PM on reddit. I’ll try to think of a better contact system in the future.

I’ve since then re-uploaded all the soundtracks, and updated the links on the site, so hopefully everything should be working as expected. If not, feel free to contact me, and I’ll try my best to fix the issue(s).

You might have noticed lately that I added a 4th icon at the bottom of the site linking to the Twitter account that I made for this project. I thought that it could be a fun thing to do, and perhaps reach a “wider” audience, these chiptunes really deserve a listen after all! 😀
So if you use Twitter, feel free to follow it!

Also, I posted the Gravis Ultrasound set for Transport Tycoon (Deluxe).

So today I decided to hop into the reddit bandwagon, and I’ll be posting all the releases there.
Also from now on I’ll use that as a contact platform, since the contact form on this site doesn’t work properly (and I’m too lazy to make a better one 😛 ) plus that it gets into my email account’s spam folder for whatever reason. So from now on you can post your questions and comments/suggestions there 🙂
Though don’t forget to read the rules and add the appropriate flair to each post!
Subscribe there if you’re interested and you’ll get updates there, similar to an RSS feed 😀
Also don’t forget to subscribe on the YouTube channel if you haven’t done that already!

~Also hopefully by next week I’ll have something new for you guys~

So what I omitted saying last time is that while I couldn’t work on any new game here on VengefulChip I was uploading stuff to CVGM. The reason why I didn’t say is because I wasn’t yet done, so now that I am, I decided to make an update post, yay! 😀

CVGM is an internet-based radio that streams classic game/cracktro/demoscene music, especially chiptunes but also music from more modern games, including contemporary titles. It has a very fun community , large database of music, and you can do requests, so that your selected songs would play on the radio.
I would really recommend you to give it a try 🙂

Also, expect another game soundtrack at the beginning of the following week!

Hello there chiptune enthusiasts! Terribly sorry for the lack of anything new for the past 5 months. Been terribly busy, but I’ve also silently worked on VengefulChip, improving some stuff, all of which I’ll let you know of at the end of this post!
So since so much time has passed since the last “release”, I decided to record two different games for this occasion =D
In the case you don’t like sudden huge incoming chiptunes, remember: you can take it easily, one track at a time! j/k =P
But one thing’s clear: we’ve really got to stop meeting like this!

Anyway, onwards to the first game:

A fun little game, and is worthy of it’s franchise, all too bad that it was discontinued by Konami!
The soundtrack in it has a really light and nostalgic feel to it (I guess you’re starting to see a pattern here =P), but it’s noticeable that the Konami sound crew (or Konami Kukeiha Club) did take some inspiration from the earlier work they’ve done on the Gradius series.

List of Ports and Downloads

Not a very well-known game, perhaps it’s better known among the german audience, but it’s a gem nonetheless and I’m glad I had the opportunity to play it. Packs in quite a lot of humour, but don’t let that fool you, as it’s quite a fierce simulation game.
The soundtrack for it is very creative and interesting, and fits in quite nicely the humorous atmosphere of the game =D
I’d really recommend it to anyone who likes strategy/simulation games. Just make sure to avoid the IBM-PC MS-DOS version as it crashes at random times and has a few bugs. Too bad as it’s the version that has the best music, at least in my opinion!

List of Ports and Downloads

And now onto the updates:

I posted some of Grospixels’ albums on the VengefulChip YouTube channel (with their permission). Grospixels is a french web magazine for oldskool games, and they have made some very nice remixes of music from various old games, make sure you check them out!

From now on I’ll also post update videos on the YouTube channel from time to time. Thought it might be useful for the viewers on YT, as many of them probably don’t come on this site (they’re probably too lazy! =P)

I also re-done the MT-32 soundtracks of LSL2 and LSL3, this time through extracting the game music data, like with the rest of the games in the series. I’ve also posted the updated versions of the MT-32 soundtracks on YouTube for LSL1VGA through LSL6.

I’ve noticed that “Keep Tryin'” track from the TIM2 Macintosh II soundtrack was cut off for some strange reason, so now I fixed it and updated the archive, so make sure you re-download it, in case you’ve got it in the past.

Another fix was done to the X68000 port of Twinbee, this time I recorded the soundtrack from a better emulator, the old one had some timing issues and was less accurate. I also managed to add two more tracks, which I couldn’t capture last time due to time constraints causing me to not go far in the game.

And finally, I posted the Amiga soundtrack of Cannon Fodder, I know a lot of you asked me for it on my YouTube channel. I had some problems with this game under DeliPlayer, but now I solved it, so there you go! =D

That’s about it. Phew!

Look behind you, a three headed monkey!
Just kidding, been a while since I’ve worked on anything, this time of the year is always hectic. But I finally managed to set aside some time to work on this.
It’s been fun to work on this, since it also brings a lot of memories (seems to happen an awful lot, eh?)
Hope you enjoy, and by this I want to wish you all a happy new prosperous year, with many more recordings to come =D

List of Ports and Downloads

And as promised in the previous post, I “fixed” the MT-32/CM-32L sets for: LSL1VGA, LSL5 and LSL6
In some songs, the looping is much better than heard in the games, due to the fact that I’ve looped the midis by hand.
Speaking of which, if you had a MT-32 or compatible module, and you would like to give a helping hand, please contact me, so I could send you the stuff you need for recording.
Other specific “improvements”:
LSL5 – five new tracks were added of which 4 are unused in the game. Also I’m not sure if this was a software issue or if the midi extractor I used has some problems with this game in particular, but in many tracks there are some instruments missing. A very prominent example is the chimes, but since they sound “natural” in the tracks, I decided to leave them as-is. If anyone has some info on this please do let me know.
LSL6 – 4 new tracks added, all unused in the game plus fixed some quirks with some instruments (ah, the joys of directly slapping GM music onto the MT-32)

In the future I plan to fix the AdLib sets for the three above games and record on DualOPL/OPL3 instead with a tool provided by NewRisingSun of Vogons, and perhaps re-do the MT-32 set of LSL2 and LSL3.

So in the past month I’ve mostly been doing maintenance work on all the sets, updated the tagging to the new format I’ve been using and also fixed some sets that either had missing tracks or they had some acoustic problems. Here are the games in question that I updated, so make sure to re-download them in the case you got them in the past:

Lemmings – All sets (tagging), “Opening Theme” was renamed to “Opening – March of the Mods” since somebody let me know of the original composition’s name.
The Incredible Machine – All sets (tags), fixed weird looping on MT-32
Puyo Puyo – All sets (tagging), Arcade set was missing some tracks so I recorded everything again.
Grand Prix Circuit – All sets (tagging)
Cycles: International Grand Prix Challenge – All sets (tagging), Will have to find a way to access the Tandy music and add that set.
F-Zero (tagging)
Hyperzone (tagging)
Twinbee – All sets (tagging)
Cannon Fodder – All sets (tagging)
LSL1EGA, LSL1VGA, LSL2, LSL3, LSL5, LSL6 – All sets (tagging)
Sid And Al’s Incredible Toons – All sets (tagging)
Gradius – All sets (tagging)
The Incredible Machine 2 – All (tagging)
Lemmings 2 – All sets (tagging)
Raptor: Call of The Shadows – All sets (tagging)
Transport Tycoon Deluxe – All sets (tagging), GeneralMIDI – Recorded MIDI data from the DOS version of the game instead of Windows
SimCity 2000 – All sets (tagging)
Gradius II – All sets (tagging)
Willy Beamish – MT-32 – tagging fix on two tracks, fix “Glassy Class” fade out

Also since the MT-32 sets of LSL1VGA, LSL5 and LSL6 have some artefacts through them from the preceding songs in some tracks (because of the heavy reverb) I decided to record them again from the extracted music files from the game and tone down the reverb so there would be a “cleaner” sound to them. I hope to finish this by christmas, so look forward to it! =D
I’ll announce when I’m done in the next release, but you can try to download the links in the meantime, as I’ll add them gradually.

I also might consider updating the AdLib sets from OPL2 to OPL3 later on, but I’ll have to think about it.

Here I am again with a japanese-only game. Most of this game’s ports were made in japan and very little was invested for the western market, so I don’t expect many of you to know this title, much like it’s prequel. Luckly there is a fan-made translation for this gem on the SNES.
It’s a fun puzzle game, and yet again brings nostalgic feelings to me of wasting my summer days playing the game’s “championships” and laughing at the cutscenes =D

Besides this I also added a GameGear set and fixed the SNES set for this game’s prequel.

List of Ports and Downloads

This might be of quite an interest to the Acorn Archimedes fans out there, as I’ve added the previously missing ports of Lemmings 2: The Tribes and Cannon Fodder of that machine, so enjoy it!
As last time, Stefan L. was generous enough to offer and record those two as well. =D
Seems so far he’s the only contributor for this project aside me. If you want to help, you’re more than welcome to, and you know where you can find all the details =)

I’m also working on quite a long game (+110 tracks per set, that’s a record breaker!), so be patient with me until I get it to completion ^^

Lemmings 2: The Tribes Archimedes
Cannon Fodder Archimedes

I’ve also updated two sets. The first set is Lemmings for the Archimedes, it had a missing track in it’s expansion game, and this one was also provided by Stefan, thanks again! The second one is the GeneralMIDI soundtrack of The Incredible Machine 2. A user on YouTube notified me of this set not sounding right, having the wrong pitch bend set to the tracks, so I fixed the problem.
Make sure you check those out in the case you downloaded them before =)


I’m terribly sorry for the long delay, RL issues and being busy most of the time made me unable to work on this project for the last three months. But there has been some progress since then.
The first big update is that I started a YouTube Channel where I strived to upload all the releases on this site so more people could hear them in a more comfortable way (for some =D ).
So you can go ahead and subscribe if you want, as an alternative to the e-mail based subscription. But keep in mind that I’ll post new releases on the site first ^^

But that’s not all, while uploading the videos I spotted a few mistakes in the previous sets I uploaded, so I fixed them (at least those that I know that have problems, you can always contact me if you find any quirks and I would greatly appreciate it and fix the problem ASAP)

The fixes I’ve done are as follows:

The (Even More) Incredible Machine – AdLib – Fixed Tagging, stuttering and editing errors and two tracks being 44100Hz instead of 48000Hz.
The (Even More) Incredible Machine – GeneralMIDI – Fixed Tagging and editing errors.
LSL5 – AdLib – Fixed a few tracks after noticing stuttering and some editing errors.
The Incredible Machine 2 – CM-64 – Some tracks were having missing instruments due to driver issues (the driver masterfully fixed by tikalat, hoping the weird sound instruments will get fixed as well in the future)
Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) – MT-32 – Fixed stuttering in the second track.

So if you have downloaded any of those in the past, make sure to replace them with the fixed versions =D

Also expect some more releases soon. I have quite a few titles I wanted to do on my list =)