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So this time it’s Loom that I chose to post, so hopefully your wait was worth it (more than one month, ugh!)
I have vague memories of this game from when I played The Secret of Monkey Island, there was Cob, one of the characters in Loom advertising for the game, but I never really got interested in playing it until two years ago. The game has some arranged scores by Tchaikovski (all from Swan Lake), and while I’m not a fan of his works (I’m more of a Bach/Liszt/Debussy fan in terms of classical music), it’s still fun to listen to all the different interpretations done by each platform 😀
There were two duped plaforms that I didn’t include, namely Atari ST (sounded exactly like the Tandy version) and FM Towns (all of it’s tracks were already available in the PC-Engine version, and the latter had some extras, so I chose to post that version instead)

List of Ports and Downloads

Yet another double-release, yay! This time was done inadvertently and I’ll explain why.

This is a platformer that’s considered a gem in the Amiga community, being called “Amiga’s own version Sonic the Hedgehog”, to the same fashion that Jazz Jackrabbit was dubbed with the same title in IBM-PC’s case. I remember having a great deal of frustration with the game when I was little, very hard to beat, even the first level! Strangely I remember this game having more sound options when I played it on my old (now defunct) 486DX machine, but it seems not to be the case. The game had the same sample-based music as on the Amiga (booooring!), but still the game’s soundtrack was worth doing it so here you go:

Composer: Allister Brimble
Game Release Date: 1993

Format: FLAC
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Tracks: 11
Channels: Stereo


So as the above soundtrack is not that big or long, I decided to slap to this post the next game I had on my to-do list, which is the X68000 port of Castlevania (Akumajo Dracula). This is an odd one, and as I’ve explained in the previous Castlevania release, I kept this one separate due for the fact that it uses different music compared to the original game. That’s the reason why I’ll be calling it this way, to avoid confusion. Konami are quite well known for not “conforming” well with their ports, releasing them haphazardly. But I think this time it’s to our benefit, as this way members of the Konami Kukeiha Club got to use the full capabilities of the X68000. I really recommend you give both versions of the game’s soundtrack a listen! 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

Hello there chiptune enthusiasts! Terribly sorry for the lack of anything new for the past 5 months. Been terribly busy, but I’ve also silently worked on VengefulChip, improving some stuff, all of which I’ll let you know of at the end of this post!
So since so much time has passed since the last “release”, I decided to record two different games for this occasion =D
In the case you don’t like sudden huge incoming chiptunes, remember: you can take it easily, one track at a time! j/k =P
But one thing’s clear: we’ve really got to stop meeting like this!

Anyway, onwards to the first game:

A fun little game, and is worthy of it’s franchise, all too bad that it was discontinued by Konami!
The soundtrack in it has a really light and nostalgic feel to it (I guess you’re starting to see a pattern here =P), but it’s noticeable that the Konami sound crew (or Konami Kukeiha Club) did take some inspiration from the earlier work they’ve done on the Gradius series.

List of Ports and Downloads

Not a very well-known game, perhaps it’s better known among the german audience, but it’s a gem nonetheless and I’m glad I had the opportunity to play it. Packs in quite a lot of humour, but don’t let that fool you, as it’s quite a fierce simulation game.
The soundtrack for it is very creative and interesting, and fits in quite nicely the humorous atmosphere of the game =D
I’d really recommend it to anyone who likes strategy/simulation games. Just make sure to avoid the IBM-PC MS-DOS version as it crashes at random times and has a few bugs. Too bad as it’s the version that has the best music, at least in my opinion!

List of Ports and Downloads

And now onto the updates:

I posted some of Grospixels’ albums on the VengefulChip YouTube channel (with their permission). Grospixels is a french web magazine for oldskool games, and they have made some very nice remixes of music from various old games, make sure you check them out!

From now on I’ll also post update videos on the YouTube channel from time to time. Thought it might be useful for the viewers on YT, as many of them probably don’t come on this site (they’re probably too lazy! =P)

I also re-done the MT-32 soundtracks of LSL2 and LSL3, this time through extracting the game music data, like with the rest of the games in the series. I’ve also posted the updated versions of the MT-32 soundtracks on YouTube for LSL1VGA through LSL6.

I’ve noticed that “Keep Tryin'” track from the TIM2 Macintosh II soundtrack was cut off for some strange reason, so now I fixed it and updated the archive, so make sure you re-download it, in case you’ve got it in the past.

Another fix was done to the X68000 port of Twinbee, this time I recorded the soundtrack from a better emulator, the old one had some timing issues and was less accurate. I also managed to add two more tracks, which I couldn’t capture last time due to time constraints causing me to not go far in the game.

And finally, I posted the Amiga soundtrack of Cannon Fodder, I know a lot of you asked me for it on my YouTube channel. I had some problems with this game under DeliPlayer, but now I solved it, so there you go! =D

That’s about it. Phew!

Another quick release, which took me a bit more time, but I took advantage of the fact that I had some free time in the last few days. So I present you Aerobiz!
Another fun strategy game that I grew to like, and was the first ever such game to have played on a console (through emulation of course), this being SNES at first.
Then I discovered it’s japanese counterpart for the X68000, and I was hooked with the advantages it had: mouse control and the extra large screen space that machine offered, amazing!
Anyway, as always:

List of Ports and Downloads

The beginning of the year has been so far hectic for me (yes again) and I haven’t been able to work on a lot, but I strived and I came up with Jazz Jackrabbit, the favourite replacement to Sonic The Hedgehog and Megaman in the IBM-PC world.
Because the game had extra chapters, and altogether they would have been to big for one download I decided to split them, so here you go:

Composers: Robert Allen, Joshua Jensen
Game Release Date: 1994, 1995 (CD Edition, Holiday Hare ’95)

Format: FLAC
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Tracks: 23 (Original), 9 (CD Edition), 5 (Holiday Hare)
Channels: Stereo

Original game Part 1Part 2
CD Expansion
Holiday Hare

As a bonus, I decided to throw in Supaplex too, since it was easy and quick to do. Have fun!

List of Ports and Downloads

Look behind you, a three headed monkey!
Just kidding, been a while since I’ve worked on anything, this time of the year is always hectic. But I finally managed to set aside some time to work on this.
It’s been fun to work on this, since it also brings a lot of memories (seems to happen an awful lot, eh?)
Hope you enjoy, and by this I want to wish you all a happy new prosperous year, with many more recordings to come =D

List of Ports and Downloads

And as promised in the previous post, I “fixed” the MT-32/CM-32L sets for: LSL1VGA, LSL5 and LSL6
In some songs, the looping is much better than heard in the games, due to the fact that I’ve looped the midis by hand.
Speaking of which, if you had a MT-32 or compatible module, and you would like to give a helping hand, please contact me, so I could send you the stuff you need for recording.
Other specific “improvements”:
LSL5 – five new tracks were added of which 4 are unused in the game. Also I’m not sure if this was a software issue or if the midi extractor I used has some problems with this game in particular, but in many tracks there are some instruments missing. A very prominent example is the chimes, but since they sound “natural” in the tracks, I decided to leave them as-is. If anyone has some info on this please do let me know.
LSL6 – 4 new tracks added, all unused in the game plus fixed some quirks with some instruments (ah, the joys of directly slapping GM music onto the MT-32)

In the future I plan to fix the AdLib sets for the three above games and record on DualOPL/OPL3 instead with a tool provided by NewRisingSun of Vogons, and perhaps re-do the MT-32 set of LSL2 and LSL3.

Yay! Finally done with another game =D
This time it’s another release for a special person to me, to which I dedicate it to ^^
I’ve been scratching my head over this one, since seemingly this game is released under a lot of names, but finally managed to pin down the ones that are actually related story-wise, and came with 7 sets in total.
I was going to add the X68000 “port” of this game, but later I realised it’s actually just a mash-up with different levels from different versions of the game, so I might post this separately sometime in the future =)
The Tandy version of this is surprisingly very good (but then again which game didn’t sound great on it’s own custom music chip =D), so definitely give that one a try!
Also I should credit and thanks tikalat from over at Vogons forums for the both IBM-PC and Tandy sets for sending me his tool to ease my work ^^

As a side note I also added PlayStation and Saturn sets for Transport Tycoon.

List of Ports and Downloads

Here I am again with a japanese-only game. Most of this game’s ports were made in japan and very little was invested for the western market, so I don’t expect many of you to know this title, much like it’s prequel. Luckly there is a fan-made translation for this gem on the SNES.
It’s a fun puzzle game, and yet again brings nostalgic feelings to me of wasting my summer days playing the game’s “championships” and laughing at the cutscenes =D

Besides this I also added a GameGear set and fixed the SNES set for this game’s prequel.

List of Ports and Downloads

So here I am with another release, probably quicker than you expected =D
I decided to take this game since it brings me quite some nostalgia during this time of the year (I have this thing where I play some games on certain seasons). I remember this game being very difficult to get the hang of, also for it’s very steep learning curve, but nonetheless very enjoyable =)

Also I chose it because it seemed easy to do, and also tikalat was nice enough to provide me with a tool to play all the tunes in the IBM-PC ports ^^
But in the end it turned out the exact opposite, as it was quite difficult to deal with. The reason for that is that it has a lot of obscure japanese variations that are all related to it. They took some time to manipulate, tag and organise, but despite that I’m still missing the FM Towns and PC-98 sets, which is a bummer =(
But anyway, enough with the talk, let’s get down to business!

List of Ports and Downloads

*phew* This game was a lot to tackle with and incidentally it is also the longest soundtrack I worked on as of yet (+2hrs). The MT-32 set took me away 4 days and the FM one took me even more thant that, trying to figure out of a way to record it without actually having to do it mid-game. The problem is that when extracting the sound files from a Sierra/Dynamix game is that it doesn’t loop as it would in the game, so I’d have to modify the files in such a way that they would loop accordingly.
This was easy-peasy with the MT-32 set as I only had to modify the SMF (Standard MIDI files) to make them loop. But with the FM ones that wasn’t possible, so I had to manually edit the recordings instead. It was quite a hassle, but still better and easier than record in-game. ^^
If you notice anything wrong in the way the songs loop in the FM set, or if you happen to know how the songs are titled please let me know. Also let me know if any tracks in the FM set sound weird or not how they were supposed to (aside from the stereo FM that wasn’t available in-game). I know for certain I gave up on looping 2 songs (in the FM set) simply because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where the looping points were.

But regardless of the technical banter above this soundtrack blows my ears off, it’s that awesome!
In my childhood/early teens I played this game on a SoundBlaster 16 card on my old PC (I think it was a 486DX ^^), but now that I got to sample the MT-32 soundtack, it sounds ten times better, and doesn’t compare at all. You can really tell this soundtrack was specially designed for it, as opposed to other Sierra games that focused more on the AdLib or SoundCanvas =)
Also, have you noticed that the more you progressed in the game, the uglier that character portraits looked and the jerkier the animation becomes? Also at some points you can really notice the game wasn’t quite finished as it lacks some polish ^^
But regardless, hope you enjoy this gem that took so much of my time to finish =D

List of Ports and Downloads

If you’re interested to help and have any Roland modules from the MT or CM series, you can download the MIDI files with SysEx commands here and contact me here
If you link this anywhere else please credit me and this site. Thanks =D