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Composers: Robert Allen, Joshua Jensen
Game Release Date: 1994, 1995 (CD Edition, Holiday Hare ’95)

Format: FLAC
Audio rate: 48000Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Tracks: 23 (Original), 9 (CD Edition), 5 (Holiday Hare)
Channels: Stereo

Original game Part 1Part 2
CD Expansion
Holiday Hare

Not much has happened over here in the past two months, and I would like to apologise for that. Life unfortunately takes over at times, and as much as I’d love to work more on this project, sometimes I end up not have nearly any time at all. No this doesn’t mean that I’m resigning from posting new soundtracks, just that it’ll probably take a while between releases at times, depending on how crowded my schedule is.

So anyway, this time I decided to work on A-Train’s (A列車で行こう3) sequel. Even though the music of this game is not that impressive in the japanese versions, it’s still quite nice to listen to. Although I have to add that the MT-32 version of it sounds fabulous, even on a mediocre composition effort. Then again, when was it even a MT-32 game soundtrack I didn’t like? Haha.
Doubt it many would know these games, or their western counterparts, which did not sell that well when they were released, I still hope you’ll give them a try.
Speaking of the western releases, the AdLib set might have one track missing (“Economic Upturn”), as I could not have triggered it to play in-game in the limited time I had to play the game. And since I could not record it from other sources, such as with HooT, I had to leave it out for now, but I’ll update the set once I have the time to play the game for a bit longer, and trigger the sound piece).
Please also note that I haven’t played the japanese versions of the game that much (or I haven’t been very good at them), so I wasn’t sure how to name some of the tracks.
If you know how to name them or at which events they play, please do let me know! 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

As a side note, in the following period (1-2 months) I’ll likely not post any new stuff, instead I’ll focus on fixing some of the existing sets, as I have noticed a lot of mistakes I made in recording or tagging those sets. Also I’ll probably update some MT-32/CM-32L/LAPC-1 sets, as the newer versions of MUNT allow for a more

Also I added the SC-88 set for Transport Tycoon (Deluxe), so make sure to check it out!

So as I promised, this year has started with a BANG

(although a lot later than promised)

Been working on this from the start of the year, so yeah… took quite a while, and I wouldn’t have expected it to take more than a three weeks to finish.

Note to self: never make any more deadline promises on this site.

I don’t think this game needs any introduction, we’ve all played it and enjoyed it thoroughly (at least I know I did!). This game appears to have set the standard by which LucasArts’ sound team composed music, since all subsequent titles (Sam and Max: Hit the Road, MM: Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis…). They all seem to have this jazz-infused funk sound to them, which I must add that it’s not at all in bad taste, just becomes a bit dull after a while.

This game is quite notorious for introducing iMuse, an interactive music system that generates music on the fly, changing instruments, or adding composite parts of a song depending on what actions you take in-game. While this might seem a nice idea, I kind of hate Michael Land for his initiative to make this system, since it made my job a lot harder 😛
Eventually they discontinued iMuse allegedly because the creators saw that people typically do not really notice much and that it was too much of a hassle (something I agree with them).
EDIT: As Mr. Eight-Three-One on YouTube points out, they haven’t really discontinued the iMuse system until the 00’s, but they didn’t use complicated “tricks” as they did in those older Lucas Arts adventure games (like Monkey Island 2, for instance).

So as I mentioned, it was quite difficult to work on this game, and I had to resort to various trickery to get the tracks to sound proper and clean (without SFX, no interferences, etc.). But that was no problem, since I can always take a challenge 😀
Unfortunately that also means that it would be quite impossible to record an “accurate” soundtrack of one port of this game that stays consistent with how the other ports sound. Like for example, the song that plays when inside LeChuck’s fortress has quite a lot of little bits of music that are added randomly to the main song/theme. So no matter what I do, I will not be able to make that song on the CM-32L port to sound the same as the Macintosh version (music arrangement-wise).

Also speaking of ports, I omitted the FM-Towns version, as it’s godawful, and would’ve took me another week to finish, so I thought it wasn’t worth it. Even just listening to the introduction music was enough to overfill my ears with a 1-year supply of out-of-tune merde.
But if you’d wish to listen to it regardless, write a post on VengefulChip’s subreddit, tweet me, or leave a comment on my videos 🙂
If enough people ask, I might get myself to do it.

So that’s about it, hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed working on it, and see you next time!

List of Ports and Downloads

Also, if you haven’t noticed, or aren’t following VengefulChip through the YouTube channel, Twitter, or the subreddit, I have posted the “lost soundtrack” of Lemmings. Essentially just a collection of music from one of the demo disks of Lemmings. The mod files have been ripped by Mindless at

Posting this later than intended, I meant to post this two to three weeks ago as I wanted to post another game by the end of the year, but alas I got caught up in a lot of stuff that I had to do, my schedule became quite crammed. Unfortunately I won’t be able to finish the other game in time, so I’ll have to leave it for January. At least you’ll have another reason to look forward to the new year as the other game is a major title, and (as with most of the titles posted here) doesn’t have the full soundtrack available anywhere 😀
But enough spoilers for now, let’s talk about this release!

The game is quite fun as with the previous games in the Lemmings series, and the music is quite good, except it has repetitive themes and the rhythm gets a bit stale upon multiple listens. It’s still quite the contender, but could be a lot better.
If you’ve never played the game and you were to try it out, you’d surely be creeped out by the wonky CGI, annoyed at the clumsy controls and confused by the layout of the levels.
The LAPC-1 (MT-32) set sounds a bit odd on some tracks, which is understandable considering that the game music was composed and intended for Roland SCC-55, but still sounds better than many conversions of other games.
I’ll also have to apologise for the improper instrument volumes in the GeneralMIDI set. I did not have any way of extracting the midi data out of the game, so I could only record the midi commands out of DOSBox, and that isn’t always very accurate, and that makes it harder to tamper with the instruments and their volumes. So it ended up not sounding that great with the soundfont used. If I’ll ever be able to extract the midi data out of the game, I promise to update the GM set 🙂
One last thin I need to specify: the CDDA set is exactly the same as on Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, so I omitted adding the latter two as they’re redundant.

List of Ports and Downloads

Here we go again with another game. As I mentioned previously (or rather a few weeks ago) here, this is going to be a request I’m going to do for Daniel T. who is the first person to donate anything to this project 😀

This is one of those games that go by multiple names, scattered across all regions, so to avoid any confusion I’m going to refer to this game by it’s most often used name (also it’s the original japanese name of the arcade game, after which all the other ports were made).

It’s quite a fun and cute (not to mention nonsensical!) puzzle/platformer game that I vaguely remember playing as a little kid on the SNES (though it was the sequel of this one, although I find the prequel much better). The musical score is overall excellent (as you’d come to expect from japanese composers) and I have enjoyed every second of listening to it while recording.
What I really enjoy about these sorts of the games is that it makes the player travel through quite a few landmarks around the globe, and for a geography freak like myself I really enjoy being able to see all the neat little backgrounds and as a kid I would enjoy learning about new places.

Unfortunately I could not work on two ports of the game, namely the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum ones, as they don’t have any option to disable the sound effects, and they perpetually ring throughout the game (and I can’t pause the game either, to be able to hear only the background music). Fortunately at least the CPC version sounds similar to the Atari ST one, so you won’t miss much. If in the future I find a way of properly recording from those platforms, I promise I’ll add those sets as well.
Also for some reason, my recordings from the Arcade version of the game seem to be at a slightly higher tempo than what I’ve heard it some longplay videos (I always watch those when I record a set to make sure I’ve properly tagged the songs in order of appearance in the game), and I’m not sure if it’s an emulation issue or that’s supposed to sound like, so please let me know which way it’s supposed to sound, and maybe even provide some recordings if you’re able. 🙂
So now that I’ve done the talking, here you go:

List of Ports and Downloads

Enjoy! 😀

Today you’re in luck, I have decided to make another double-release, as I felt that one of the games had quite a short soundtrack, namely the first one below:

I’ll have to be honest with you guys, playing this game after so long it feels like the game itself is half-baked, made in a rush to gear in for the profits. Perhaps it’s just because the game is aimed at kids, and is educational in purpose? I don’t know, but the game is so random… you basically have nothing predictable as in other management or sim games, your chance of making your business last depends pretty much on your luck. Even the soundtrack feels half-baked, doesn’t have any interesting melodies, nor does it use any interesting combinations of instruments, but I decided to give this game a chance anyway, as the music itself still has some use in bringing some nostalgic feelings 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

A rather obscure NES platformer that I consider to have some awesome music! 😀
I remember playing this game alot as a kid, during the time I only had a NES as a console, the other being a 386DX-powered PC. I remember always losing on the 2nd stage due to my clumsiness, but after getting to record this game, I think I’ll try to finally beat the game itself this time sometime soon.
Today while working on this I also learnt that the original japanese version was made after an tokusatsu show.


Also, don’t forget that I still can do requests, consult the requests page for details 🙂

I used to play this game in the computer science class during primary school, remember it being very fun but not very challenging, the music is still nice though, has more depth than what most of the Apogee games had. Also had the cheesiest story lines ever, especially for a story about a wizard. 😛

List of Ports and Downloads

This time I bring you the soundtrack from yet another puzzle game I enjoyed a few years back 😀
(still do enjoy playing the game actually!).
I didn’t use to remember this game for it’s soundtrack, mainly because it didn’t seem to me that it had an outstanding one, but upon a closer inspection now, I really got to like it even more. And of course, it sounds the best on the CM-32L, as usual from Roland’s modules 😀
Unfortunately that one set is lacking, as I could not record in-game (if you would play the game itself, you will know why) so I had to use Hoot to record the soundtrack, and apparently it misses one track. Oh well, I’ll try to see if I can fix it, after which I’ll update the link to the download and re-upload the fixed video 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

Ended up posting this the following week, ugh. Took quite a long time recording this, especially since I’ve tried to get it to work with Gravis UltraSound as a sound option in the IBM-PC version of the game, but for some reasons the game kept playing it out of tempo, it getting really annoying after a while.
Besides the Gravis UltraSound that I could not include this time, I also had to leave out the Macintosh version since I could not get the emulator to play the midi files properly, the PC-98 version is missing because I could not get the disk(s) for the game (I wonder if anyone at all has them!) and also the MegaDrive/32X port does not have a music player and it’s impossible to record songs in-game on certain levels. Maybe if I can fix any of the above issues, I’ll be adding those ports as well.
So anyway, when I was younger I used to play a lot of FPS games, but after a while I grew out of it and started focusing on other genres, as things got boring and repetitive quickly. The soundtrack in itself now mostly brings me nostalgic feelings, and probably what got me into liking metal as a teenager 😀
Speaking of which, here’s an excellent cover of one of the songs in the game:
But before listening to the cover, why not listen to the originals? 😀

List of Ports and Downloads

Here’s the infamous game, by Lucas Arts (yes, I’m having an adventure game fever, more soundtracks from this company to come in the future though :D). The game itself doesn’t have many songs included (except the NES and Famicom ports), but I chose it as I wanted something quick to transition to the next game which is quite well-known, and the soundtrack is very memorable, I’m not going to give out any more hints though 😛
Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of this week, so look forward to that!
Anyway, back to Maniac Mansion, it was quite fun to play the game again, and as with most of the games I post here, it brought me a lot of memories of how this game used to creep the hell out of me when I was little, haha. And as with Loom, I skipped the Atari ST port since it sounded exactly like the enhanced Tandy one.

List of Ports and Downloads