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Yay! Finally done with another game =D
This time it’s another release for a special person to me, to which I dedicate it to ^^
I’ve been scratching my head over this one, since seemingly this game is released under a lot of names, but finally managed to pin down the ones that are actually related story-wise, and came with 7 sets in total.
I was going to add the X68000 “port” of this game, but later I realised it’s actually just a mash-up with different levels from different versions of the game, so I might post this separately sometime in the future =)
The Tandy version of this is surprisingly very good (but then again which game didn’t sound great on it’s own custom music chip =D), so definitely give that one a try!
Also I should credit and thanks tikalat from over at Vogons forums for the both IBM-PC and Tandy sets for sending me his tool to ease my work ^^

As a side note I also added PlayStation and Saturn sets for Transport Tycoon.

List of Ports and Downloads