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Not much has happened over here in the past two months, and I would like to apologise for that. Life unfortunately takes over at times, and as much as I’d love to work more on this project, sometimes I end up not have nearly any time at all. No this doesn’t mean that I’m resigning from posting new soundtracks, just that it’ll probably take a while between releases at times, depending on how crowded my schedule is.

So anyway, this time I decided to work on A-Train’s (A列車で行こう3) sequel. Even though the music of this game is not that impressive in the japanese versions, it’s still quite nice to listen to. Although I have to add that the MT-32 version of it sounds fabulous, even on a mediocre composition effort. Then again, when was it even a MT-32 game soundtrack I didn’t like? Haha.
Doubt it many would know these games, or their western counterparts, which did not sell that well when they were released, I still hope you’ll give them a try.
Speaking of the western releases, the AdLib set might have one track missing (“Economic Upturn”), as I could not have triggered it to play in-game in the limited time I had to play the game. And since I could not record it from other sources, such as with HooT, I had to leave it out for now, but I’ll update the set once I have the time to play the game for a bit longer, and trigger the sound piece).
Please also note that I haven’t played the japanese versions of the game that much (or I haven’t been very good at them), so I wasn’t sure how to name some of the tracks.
If you know how to name them or at which events they play, please do let me know! 🙂

List of Ports and Downloads

As a side note, in the following period (1-2 months) I’ll likely not post any new stuff, instead I’ll focus on fixing some of the existing sets, as I have noticed a lot of mistakes I made in recording or tagging those sets. Also I’ll probably update some MT-32/CM-32L/LAPC-1 sets, as the newer versions of MUNT allow for a more

Also I added the SC-88 set for Transport Tycoon (Deluxe), so make sure to check it out!