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Posting this later than intended, I meant to post this two to three weeks ago as I wanted to post another game by the end of the year, but alas I got caught up in a lot of stuff that I had to do, my schedule became quite crammed. Unfortunately I won’t be able to finish the other game in time, so I’ll have to leave it for January. At least you’ll have another reason to look forward to the new year as the other game is a major title, and (as with most of the titles posted here) doesn’t have the full soundtrack available anywhere 😀
But enough spoilers for now, let’s talk about this release!

The game is quite fun as with the previous games in the Lemmings series, and the music is quite good, except it has repetitive themes and the rhythm gets a bit stale upon multiple listens. It’s still quite the contender, but could be a lot better.
If you’ve never played the game and you were to try it out, you’d surely be creeped out by the wonky CGI, annoyed at the clumsy controls and confused by the layout of the levels.
The LAPC-1 (MT-32) set sounds a bit odd on some tracks, which is understandable considering that the game music was composed and intended for Roland SCC-55, but still sounds better than many conversions of other games.
I’ll also have to apologise for the improper instrument volumes in the GeneralMIDI set. I did not have any way of extracting the midi data out of the game, so I could only record the midi commands out of DOSBox, and that isn’t always very accurate, and that makes it harder to tamper with the instruments and their volumes. So it ended up not sounding that great with the soundfont used. If I’ll ever be able to extract the midi data out of the game, I promise to update the GM set 🙂
One last thin I need to specify: the CDDA set is exactly the same as on Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, so I omitted adding the latter two as they’re redundant.

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